5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Aid Backup Solutions

Backup is the backbone of a Website which stands firm in case the data is lost from the server through any circumstances. Every website build on any blog platform requires a backup to ensure the restoring of the data, in situations like site getting hacked, Data loss from Host Server. Moreover, many another consequences may lead to the need of backup to a site. You need not worry of data loss and hacking, if you have made a strong backup to your website so, don’t wait any more. Make a secure backup to your site, if you haven’t yet. If your site is running on WordPress blog platform, you can make use of some WordPress backup plugins to aid your backup needs. These plugins lets us store all the website data in a backup. So, backup is mandatory for a website. We would like to suggest you with a list of best WordPress backup plugins which can aid us to make a secured backup. In the continuation of the article we will provide you the basic information about the plugins. Read on..

WordPress Backup Plugins

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Aid Backup Solutions:

WordPress Backup To DropBox:

If you wanna drop your WordPress back up to Dropbox, firstly you should have a registered Dropbox account. Not registered yet? Sign up for free account Here.

Install the DropBox WordPress backup plugin and get started with the process of backup-ing WordPress data. This plugin lets you choose the day and time at which the site to be backup-ed. You can even exclude the files which you consider to be unimportant and thus save memory in your Dropbox account. This is the best WordPess backup plugin to make a secure backup, most of the professionals consider. Because, it lets us to store the backup both in Dropbox cloud account and in Dropbox folder of computer as well. After the installation completes, authenticate your Dropbox account and enjoy dropping your content in the cloud.

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It includes many options to make use and the backup file can be stored in different formats like .Zip, .Rar and many more.  The backup-ed files can be stored in cloud storage’s like Dropbox, Google drive, FTP server, Amazon for the future usage. It also supports moving backup to FTP server. The plugin automatically sends a mail to your selected mailbox account  in case of any errors in the site during backup process. So, if you consider making a backup to your site, i suggest you to consider this plugin to secure your backup.

Wp DB Manager:

This plugin lets you to store, restore, Repair and optimize database of the website. It also supports auto back-upping when scheduled for particular time. Scheduling the backup is a common feature in every WordPress backup plugins and  i consider it as mandatory feature. The plugin developers suggest this plugin strictly as it comprises support from its developers and it can be updated frequently, whenever the developers announces a new update.

Back Up WordPress:

This plugin lets to backup the site once a day. The daily tweaks on your site gets backup-ed and gets mailed to you. Includes option to exclude unnecessary files from backup folders. Backup-ing site daily can be considered as best option instead of scheduling to once in a week.


It is automated and ultimate daily backup plugin. Comparing with remaining plugins, We can consider CodeGuard as secure. The plugin sends a Change Alert E-mail to you mailbox whenever a file changes on your site. So, you can remain updated with alterations in your site and you can protect site from getting hacked. It is developed with knowledge to solve the mistakes and problems with one click.

My final Words:

The plugins listed are best WordPress backup plugins, we consider. If you consider any other plugins to make a secure backup, feel free to drop a comment below. Moreover, Don’t install every plugin listed above. Plugins may overload site’s server and it slows down the page loading time. You can even consider plugins to speed up your WordPress site. Wanna know how? Check this out>> Best WordPress Plugins To Increase Site Speed.