Convert Photos into Cartoon and Sketch images on Windows, Mac, Android

It is a fun watching and playing with cartoon characters. Have you ever thought of making a cartoon of yourself? How would you look like in a cartoon sketch? Yes, it would be funny. You can use software like Photoshop to convert photos into cartoon. But, using Photoshop to such extent is quiet difficult for a noob. So, we have bought you an awesome and simple desktop software called XnSketch which lets you convert photos into cartoon images in just few taps. You need not to be an computer geek or a designer to use this application.

XnSketch lets you convert any photo of yours into a cartoon sketch easily. Share your cartoon images with your friends through Social media sites and make fun out of them. Interested in it? Lets see how to convert photos into cartoon or sketch images.

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How to convert Photos into Cartoon or Sketch images?

XnSketch is a portable desktop application which lets you turn your photos into cartoon or sketch images. Being portable, the application facilitates the user to place it anywhere in the Hard drive of PC. Further, the application is small in size and it doesn’t require any installation. Coming to the features of the XnSketch, it lets you convert photos into cartoon images. Not just the cartoon effects, you can apply 18 different effects to a photo using XnSketch. Even if you are not satisfied with the default effect applied by the application, you can adjust few other options like Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Exposure and Saturation.

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convert photos into cartoon image or sketch image

In XnSketch, the user interface is pretty simple that it is very easy to choose, edit and save your image. Firstly, choose the photo to be turned into cartoon or sketch. You can either use File>>Open option or directly click open icon below the menu bar. Chose your photo from the file explorer by selecting it or dragging it to the work window. Now its your time to play with different effects. You can find around 18 different effects below the work area which can be applied to your photo individually. Select your desired effect to get it applied to the photo. If you are still not satisfied with the default effect, you can adjust some options like Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Exposure, Opacity, Blur and Saturation of the photo. Once you are up with editing your photo, save it to your hard drive or you can directly share the image on your Social profiles of Facebook, Flickr and few other photo sharing sites.

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I’ve used the software and created the below image applying different effects to it using XnSketch. Not just these effects, there are many more effects in XnSketch which can be applied to your photos in just a click.

convert photos into cartoon images


I hope you enjoyed the article. Have you ever converted your photos into cartoon? If you are using complex applications to do this, I surely recommend Xnsketch for you which lets you convert photos into cartoon images in just a click.

Download XnSketch:

It is a great news that XnSketch is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Further, to facilitate editing photos on mobile, the XnSketch application is also made available for Android and iOS. Download the application here: