How To Create An Android App For Free Without Coding

Android is the mostly used mobile operating platform in the world today. Most of the users opt Android considering its compatibility for various apps available online. In view of common smartphone users, the Android apps are those which are created by sophisticated developers who play with code. But in reality, even a noob can create Android apps. A web application called AppsGeyser, lets you create an Android app for free of cost. And the big thing is that one need not posses any coding knowledge to create an Android apps through AppsGeyser.

AppGeyser is a free service which converts our content into a mobile application in just a few clicks. Not just the creation, the AppGeyser provides free publicity for our application by distributing our app through their network. What’s the use of converting content into an app? Does it makes money for us? Yes, The Android applications monetizes content to currency easily. Let us know how to do it through Appsgeyser..

Create An Android App For Free Using AppsGeyser:

How To Create?

Appsgeyser offers around 15 categories of free app creation and game creation service. We can create an app for a Website, Youtube video,  Book, Quiz, Wallpaper, News, Page and for few other categories.

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You have to choose your desired category first to create an application for it. For illustration, I’ve considered creation of an Android app for one of my websites Follow the below steps to create an Android app for your website:

Step 1: Head over to Create App page and choose Website option among the different categories listed there.

 create an android app for free

Step 2: Once you click the website option, you will be directed to a page which asks for details of your app. It include various fields like Website URL, App name, Description, icon, Screen orientation and Category. Fill the respective fields and click on Create App button. After completion of filling the fields, you can also check a preview of your app in the mobile view provided towards right.

create free android apps

Step 3: Appsgeyser gets your app created and its your turn to test it on your Android device. Download the app from the provided source and test it on your device to proceed further.

download your android app

You have successfully created an Android app for your website without any coding knowledge. Further, if you want to publish your app to Google Play store and monetize your app, you should consider following the below steps.

Step 4: Click on Publish button and it displays a page of requirements and steps required to publish an app to Google Play store. Those are as follows:

  • You need to design an icon for your app and minimum of two screenshots of your app on Android mobile
  • Download the app from your AppsGeyser account
  • Create a developer account in Google Play Store
  • Publish your app by filling all the required details

You should note that publishing an app to Google Play store is not free. You have to pay $25 to Google for registering your developer account. It may take up to 48 hours for your app to appear in Google play store.

Step 5: As soon as you complete all the steps mentioned above, start publicizing your app to meet the requirements of AppGeyser ad revenue program.

Once your app reaches up to 100 installs/day, you can apply for Ad revenue program of AppsGeyser and make money from your content.

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What’s More From AppsGeyser?

HTML 5 Support:

The AppsGeyser uses HTML 5 to enhance the app users experience. Using HTML 5 one can add extra features to any Android application.

Handly Notifications:

You can send pop-up notifications to the users of your Android app. It may be a ad or a message, you can send it straight over to your app.

Easy Monetization:

Once you meet the requirement of the AppGeyser ad revenue program, apply for ad revenue program and earn from your content. All you have to maintain is the quality of your content.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Now you are not a noob, you can create an Android app by yourself without any coding knowledge. If you have any doubts, you can refer the video tutorial below.

Have you created any Android app from AppsGeyser? Have you made any money from it? How was our experience? Do let us know your words through the comments section.