How to view and delete facebook search history permanently ?

Do you know this? Facebook saves your search history. Just as your browser saves every search term, facebook also saves the terms you search for. The intention behind saving your searches is to make it easier for us to access any page or community in future. But in reality, no one in the world would like to access the things through history that they are already familiar with.

Even though facebook search history is private one, if you are much worried about facebook saving your data, you can delete facebook search history. Here is how can you do it. If you are not interested in reading the steps, jump to the bottom of the page to find a video tutorial.

How To Delete Facebook Search History ?

Whatever the reason may be, if you wish to access or delete facebook search history, follow the steps below.

Step 1: As facebook search history is limited to each individual account, one need to login to his/her account to view or erase their facebook search history.

Once you login to your account, click the down facing arrow at the top right corner and choose activity log.

delete facebook search history

Step 2: The activity log displays all your activity on facebook which are categorized and listed towards the left side of the page. It include Your posts, tagged in posts, Photos, Likes, Comments and list of Apps you use on facebook. To approach your search history page, you need to click More option to ask the facebook display more activity categories.

In the list, you can find Search category as the last one. Once you click on the Search, facebook lists out all your search history. You can view searches with respect to different months and years. If you wish facebook should not keep any of your personal information, clear all your searches by clicking Clear searches button in the header.

facebook search history

As you can see from the above image that one can also erase individual search terms from search history. Facebook is updating its Privacy, Security features and soon we hope for an option to pause search history.

Have a look at this example video.

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