How To Increase Internet Speed On Google Chrome?

Slow Internet annoys me a lot and I prefer deactivation of my internet connection rather than using slow internet. I can’t consider the famous phrase “Something is better than nothing” in this case. Even though we pay higher amount for our internet connection, it may be too slow some times. The problem may be with the server or with your own browser. If you are using Google chrome to access internet on PC, here are some awesome tips to increase internet speed. I tried to increase internet speed on my favorite browser Google chrome and some of those tweaks has shown a remarkable increase in internet speed. In this post I’m gonna disclose those tips here.

Necessity Of Fast Internet:

In this hurry world everyone looks for a easier and faster way to complete a given work. If the work is on web, the user wishes to use fast internet to accomplish the work as soon as possible. Speed doesn’t matter for ordinary web users, but it does for Webmasters. Isn’t it ? The speed of the internet depends mostly on the browser we use to access the web. As we and everyone consider Google chrome as the world’s fastest browser, it is better to utilize Google chrome to access the web with ease. Even though Google chrome is the fastest browser it may hang up with low internet speed even though the internet connection is of higher plan. So, to prevent Google chrome hanging up with slow internet the browser must be configured to increase internet speed. If you are not familiar with configuring the browser, follow the steps here to unleash the full performance of Google chrome.

Increase Internet Speed On Google Chrome by configuring:

If you are the one with an idea to increase internet speed, You should disable some features or enable some on Google chrome. Check them out here:

increase internet speed

Disable Java: Java is commonly used by Gaming sites to give a attracting interface to the visitors. It looks fine to see but sucks the speed behind the page. It takes a lots of time to a browser to load entire page enabled with Java. So, disable Java feature while you are not using any apps which uses java applet to load.

Disable Usage Statics: The option of sending usage statics favors the developer of the Google chrome but it decreases the internet speed. The feature gives entire information on how we were using Google chrome and what are the issues we face while using it. The entire information is sent to the browser developers which lets them improve the features of browser for the next update. It consumes some fraction of the internet speed. But, if you are too much concerned about internet speed disable this feature. Follow the below path to disable the feature:

Customize button at Top right>>Settings>>Advanced Settings>> Un tick  the box which says ‘Send usage statics to Google’.

Disable Plugins:

The Plugins installed on the Chrome sucks nearly half of page loading speed. You might have come across some software’s which automatically installs toolbar and plugins to the Default browser selected in the Computer. So, it is better to check the browser after installing any new software and remove if you find any plugin that is of no use to you.

Run An Anti-Virus Scan:

The virus in PC can do any task of its wish. It may even attack the default browser in the PC. So, run a quick scan on Computer and delete if any Virus is detected. Deleting the detected Viruses on PC can show its significant effect to increase internet speed.

Clear History Frequently:

Every browser including Google Chrome stores some cache of the recently visited websites and it lets the browser load the recently visited page quick. But, the browser is developed with a tendency to store cache of every site and it loads the browser. The big size of the cache of some sites decreases the internet speed and slows down the browser. So, it is always suggested to clear the browsing history frequently.

Use Updated Version Of Chrome:

Updating is nothing but the developers update and make the browser compatible with latest internet settings and changes. The developers provide new feature in every new update and even get some bugs corrected in newer version. The new features in the browser provides new user interface and may increase internet speed as well. So, it is always suggested to use an updated browser to access the web efficiently.