How To Run Android Apps On Windows Using Windroy ?

If you could run your favorite android apps on a large and comfortable user interface, it makes the apps and games more interesting. Isn’t it? This can be made possible by running Android apps on Windows using Emulators.

run android apps on windowsYou might have heard of popular app players Bulestacks and Youwave. Windroy is an emulator of same kind which lets us run Android apps and games on PC. It makes installation and launching of the apps more easier in PC considered to a mobile. Most of the users complain that Bluestacks messes up the PC and it isn’t working fine on Windows 8 Operating system. So, we came up with an alternative to Bluestacks. If you like Bluestacks, you would definitely like Windroy user interface more than it. Lets see how Windroy works on Windows..

Run Android Apps On Windows Using Windroy:

Download Windroy:

Windroy is a freeware application for Windows which lets us run Android apps on Windows operating system. The setup file is hosted at Google Docs and it is around 80 MB size. Download the Windroy app player Here and run the setup to start manual installation process on your PC.

Launching Windroy And Installation Of Apps:

Launch Windroy after the installation completes. It opens a new window displaying the log of the commands and programs launched before opening the app player. This window must be kept open until you quit the emulator. It notifies any bugs or errors that occur while launching and using the app player. Simply, it acts as the status bar of the app player displaying the notifications about the processes of app player.

run android apps on windows

If you’ve used Bluestacks, you might have observed that it launches in windowed mode. Windroy launches in full screen mode unlike Bluestacks. Using Windroy in Full screen mode and the Android lock screen at start up makes the desktop look like an Android tablet. We cannot find this user interface in any other Android emulators.

Run Android apps on windows

Using bluestacks app player the installation of apps can be done directly on PC and we can find the installed apps on emulator’s app list. But in Windroy the process of installation is a bit different. We should download .apk file of our desired games on the Emulator and install them manually just as we do in an Android mobile. We suggest you Androiddrawer repository to download .apk files of famous Android apps and games as it is one of the trusted source to get malware free apps.

As we are going to install apps or games from unknown sources, the emulator says that it is enabled to block installations from unauthorised  sources. So, we must enable “Allow installations for non-market apps” option in security settings. Now we can continue with smooth installation of the apps and games.

run android apps on windows using app player

That’s all. You can enjoy complete Android experience on your Windows PC using Windroy. You can check a video demo of 3D gaming on Windroy Here.


Even though Windroy comes with better user interface than Bluestacks, it is just an alternative to Bluestacks. It doesn’t worth replacing Bluestacks app. Moreover, Windroy leaves a bitter user experience as it slows the PC and mesess up the desktop with continous pop-ups. Most of the popular games are not compatible with Windroy, only a few small games and apps can be installed on it.

If you are using Windroy to emulate Android apps on your PC, Feel free to share your experience in comments section below.