Increase Website Traffic With SEO Optimized Content Writing Tricks

A blog with no traffic is of waste unless it is a personal one. But, if you post for the sake of the visitors and what if the site doesn’t get expected traffic?. I know, Every newbie blogger aims to increase website traffic apart from other aims to gain a good Page rank and to make money from the blog. So, to attain the higher traffic to a new blog or even an old one, SEO comes into action. The content of the blog is an important tool to increase website traffic. Quality content without SEO is of no use to drive traffic to a website. A website can be SEO-ed in many ways and the prominent among them is making SEO using tricky content writing Integrating SEO with the content of the site lets the site to rank well in Google and in other search engines too, thus our aim to increase website traffic can be made come true. Every blogger may not be familiar with the SEO and writing SEO optimized content. So, here’s an awesome handbook to guide you in writing SEO optimized content to increase website traffic.

SEO Content Writing Tricks To Increase Website Traffic:

increase website traffic

Keyword Selection And Placement:

Every blog post written must be optimized with the targeted keyword. The targeted keyword must be of low competition and with low competition. If you are gonna implement these tricks on a new blog, it is suggested to choose the keywords with less competition. Because, a new blog cannot rank well in Search engines until we build some back links to it.

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Coming to the keyword placement, The content written must be optimized with the targeted keyword and the density of the keyword is  important to make good SEO to the blog post. Keyword must be included in the title of the blog post and if the post includes any images , add the keyword in the Alt text of the image. Consider placing the keyword in the first 150 words of the article.  If you consider making quality SEO, Do not attempt Keyword stuffing as Google hates it. Most of the newbies do keyword stuffing to increase website traffic. If you think you are wiser, Search engines are more wiser to you.

Interlinking Older Posts:

If you are writing an article, you may come across some keywords relevant to the topic you have posted in the post. Try to insert the link of the older post around that keyword. Interlinking increases the SEO level of the site and even increases the page views of the site. But, make sure that the link provided must be relevant to the topic discussed in the post or else it may irritate your visitor.

Using Anchor Text:

Interlinks the old blog posts on sites with the targeted keyword as the Anchor text. Using keyword as anchor text is an assured  way to increase the level of SEO. Using the anchor text to an outbound link in your site is of no use. Always use the targeted keyword as the anchor text to link the older posts in the same site.

Link The Site’s Home Page:

Try to link the site’s home page in the middle of the post content to ensure high SEO level. Always use the relevant anchor text to link the site’s home page. Linking all the inner pages with the home page makes it easier to the Google bot to crawl, index the site and the pages as well.

Meta Description:

Writing the meta description is a dreadful art. Meta description is an important section of the blog post to increase website traffic and it represents the topic of the whole article. So, it is suggested to include keyword in the Meta description to advertise the article. Write the meta description such that it makes a sense.

My Final Words:

Consider following every tip mentioned above and drop your feedback in the comment section after a few days of implementation. These tips to increase website traffic works for sure as these tips are tested and mentioned.