iOS On Android, Get iOS Operating System On Android Mobile

What features of iOS makes it renown? The pretty user interface, right? Yes it is. The user interface of iOS is too attractive that no one would care of the budget while buying an iPhone. It is realistic that every Android user around the world cannot afford for an iPhone but desires to use it. Comparing with Android, iOS is the leading operating platform. So, the developers has come up with an iOS launcher application for Android users which lets us run iOS on Android i.e., we can use iOS operating system on any Android mobile.

Yes! It is true. The convincing feature of Android operating system is its compatibility for various apps. So, developers has designed apps for every user requirement. And iOS 7 launcher is one of the outlet of different apps designed by Android app developers.  Even though developers cannot get you the features of iOS on Android, they managed to develop a launcher which lets you feel the experience of iOS.

Are you an Android user who desires to use an iPhone but cannot afford for it? It doesn’t matter, you can use iOS operating system on your Android mobile at no cost.

iOS On Android, What Are Its Features?

ios on Android launcher free download


The iOS 7 launcher is a freeware application for Android which brings the look of iOS on Android i.e., one can use iOS operating system on Android. It is not possible to get the features of the iPhone in an Android phone but, the launcher gets the similar look of iOS 7 to the android phone. The app is compatible with both Android phones and tablets. Using this launcher on a tablet adds the feel of using an iPad running iOS.


The feature of the launcher application include the following:

  • Perfect iOS icons, styles and animations
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • iOS 7 wallpapers
  • Apps folder
  • Occupies low memory for installation
  • Fast and Smooth
  • Requires Android v2.1
  • Compatible with most of the Android models

Most of the launcher apps available on Google play store requires the device to be rooted for installation. But, iOS 7 launcher app doesn’t requires the device to be rooted. We can just install the launcher in a manual process.

How to Get the App:

The launcher is available for free download on Google Play store. Considering the rating for the launcher in Google play, we can make sure that the app has satisfying performance on almost all Android mobiles. Download the launcher below:

Have you used iOS on Android previously? How was your experience? Do let us know your words through the comments section.