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We are glad that you have chosen Fussedblogger.com to advertise your Product/Service.

Fussed Blogger, a technology blog established in 2012. Fussed Blogger focuses on topics like Mobiles, Computers, Internet and How-to’s based on various gadgets, software. We rarely review top products of any user desired category. Further, we conduct monthly giveaways for our audience who made Fussed Blogger successful.

What kind of product review does Fussed Blogger offer?

We offer an unique kind of reviewing system which maximize the exposure of the product/service to our audience. It is not just about direct exposure of your product through a review. Getting your product reviewed on Fussed Blogger gives you all the benefits mentioned below:

  • Immense exposure to your Product/Service
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The product will be feature on home page for at least 7 days and for around 30 days in sidebar. It doubles the exposure of the Product/Service to our audience.

Coming to the factor of SEO, you might think of what rankings of Fussed Blogger could provide your product page a good SEO. Have a look at the SEO rankings of Fussed Blogger.

Fussed Blogger’s Rankings:


Google pagerank is an Algorithm to rank websites measuring the importance of web pages. The recent Google Algorithm updates has awarded a rank of 2 for Fussed Blogger.

fussedbloggers pagerank

Alexa Ranking:

Alexa is a web service which ranks websites considering the traffic of the site. Fussed Blogger alexa rankings can be check here>>.

Domain Authority And Page Authority:

The domain authority and page authority are assigned for a website considering the value of inbound links. The DA and PA of Fussed Blogger are 26 and 37 respectively.

fussed blogger domain authority

Pricing For Each Review:

If you are interested to get your Product/Service reviewed on Fussed Blogger, fill up the form provided below and will we contact you in less than 24 hours. Further, if you are wish to choose a banner advertising or text link advertising on Fussed Blogger, head over to ourĀ contact us page and fill up the form.