Top 5 Best Free WordPress Hosting Service Providers

WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the world. Most of the professional bloggers suggest WordPress as best CMS to manage an official blog. But, if you are new to website designing on WordPress, its waste of buying a paid hosting to install your site with WordPress. So,we can make use of free WordPress hosting services available in these days. We found too many such service providers and have choose 5 as best among them. Read on to know more……,

Disclaimer: The Article here is only to let you about the free WordPress hosting services. It doesn’t means that we suggest you to go with them. The free WordPress hosting service providers may cease access to your site at any time as those are free services. It is better to use a paid hosting service rather than a free one. Increase in the cost of the hosting increases the security to the content of the website. 

Top 5 Best Free WordPress Hosting service providers:

free wordpress hosting


100Webspace is the best free WordPress hosting service which provides 100MB of data storage and 3000MB (3GB) of data transfer. The hosting can only host one domain and 10 sub-domains for free. Even though the service is for free, the website provides 24/7 customer support.

Main Features:

Monthly Price:  $0

Data Storage: 100MB

Data Transfer: 3000MB My SQL database

Storage: 5MB

PHP Support: Yes

Email accounts: 3

Domains: 1

Sub Domains: 10

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Freehostia lets you create a professional looking website on any of your desired platforms like WordPress, Joomla, phpbb and many more scripts. The hosting service provides 250 MB free space and 6GB data transfer (monthly). There are no hidden costs included with the hosting. It is totally a free WordPress hosting service on which we can host nearly 5 domains.

Main Features:

Monthly Price: $0

Disk Space: 250MB

Data Transfer: 6GB

Email Accounts: Yes

Domains: 5

Sub Domains: 15

Php & My SQL support: Yes


000WebHost provides a highest data transfer of 100GB/month among all other free WordPress hosting providers. And provides 1500MB of free space. It supports 5 Add-on domains and 5 sub-domains. We consider, 000webhost as the best among all the free hosting providers as it offers highest storage space and highest data transfer.

Main features:

Monthly Price: $0

Disk Space: 1500MB

Data Transfer: 100GB/month

Add-on Domains: 5

Sub-domains: 5

Emails: 5

FTP Access: Yes

PHP: Yes


Zymic provides free WordPress hosting with full range of features. It provides 6GB of Disk space and 50GB of data transfer. The hosting provides ZHCP(Zymic Hosting Control Panel) c-panel for easier management. There is no limit for number of domains can be hosted. It can host unlimited domains.

Main Features:

Monthly Price: $0

Disk Space: 6GB

Data Transfer: 50GB/Month

Number of Accounts: Unlimited

FTP Access: Yes

PHP and MySQL: Yes

Sub-Domains: Yes


Byethost provides ad free hosting service including php, MySQL support. The hosting service is load balanced and we can manage number of domains. It provides 1GB free space and 50Gb(monthly) data transfer. It supports 5 Add-on domains and 5 Sub-domains. Main Features:

Monthly Price: $0

Disk Space: 1GB

Data Transfer: 50GB

Add-on Domains: 5

Sub-Domains: 5

PHP and MySQL: Yes

FTP Access: Yes